Tuesday 25 October 2022

Costly Truths

At last the day has come, and my debut novel Costly Truths has been released by my publishers. Hoorah!

This is the cover illustration, which really sets the scene: Midlothian in 1603.


The story draws on my family history - with a lot of added imagination! - combined with my research into life in the 17th century. The publishers kindly say that it 'takes the reader on a journey which resonates across the centuries'.

Hendrie Balfour, a Captain in the Army of the Dutch Republic is brought back to Leith badly wounded. His wife hopes he will now stay at home, but once he has recovered sufficiently he abruptly returns to the Netherlands. Hot on his heels, three young travellers arrive: Moriscos refugees Maria and Sarah, and Conn, a displaced Irishman. They are met with traditional Scottish hospitality, but, as relationships develop, Hendrie's double life is exposed. When he returns home once again, it is to face both tragic news and the consequences of his duplicity. 

I began the novel to keep myself occupied during the covid lockdowns, prompted by an online creative writing course - and am now nearly at the end of my fifth story, with another germinating in my mind!

Please do check in here for more info. and for the publication date of the second in the series, Course Adjustments, which features one of Hendrie's sons, Jack. And please buy the book, either as a paperback or as an e-book. Thanks!


Thursday 6 October 2022

Publication update

While I have been away on Skiathos, work has continued at novum towards the publication of both Costly Truths and Course Adjustments.

I have actually held in my hands a printed draft of Costly Truths! It's not a big book, but it looks great. Course Adjustments isn't far behind, and I've just approved the publicity blurb.

Once again, I'm delighted with the cover... and I'll keep you all posted as to when they're going to hit those bookshop shelves!

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