Friday 6 October 2023

The Ancestor Series: October news-flash!


Hello again. 
The William has now begun work formatting the text of 'The Ancestor Series IV: Present in the Past' and designing the cover - so it will follow hot on the heels of 'Sampson and Son'.
Meanwhile I have completed the first four chapters of number VI in the series, 'The Maubry Inheritance', set in 13th century Scotland but with themes that echo through the centuries to our own. 
While 'Present in the Past' is my personal favourite this one is proving to be great fun to write too. I love all the stories, of course, otherwise I couldn't write them, and especially enjoy connecting with my ancestors and bringing something of them to life again, albeit largely from my imagination.
Which is your favourite? You have three published novels to choose from so far:
''Costly Truths', 'Course Adjustments', and 'Sampson and Son'.
Do let me know!

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