Saturday 9 July 2022


Welcome to my new web site, which is specifically to do with my writing.

Ever since my childhood, I have written stories, poems, and songs, although until I retired these became submerged beneath academic and professional pieces.

More recently, the coincidence of our return to the UK from France and the imposition of national lock-down prompted me to take various online courses, including one on  on writing a first novel.

I had a go, and benefited from lots of support from fellow students, a great online writers' group, and an Arts' Council/National Centre for Writing (Norwich) award for a 'free read' and feedback on my work by the author and critic Lesley McDowell, who is one of the readers for The Literary Consultancy 

 Eventually, after many revisions, I was pleased enough with the result to submit it for publication. The wonderful team at novum publishing accepted it and later this year 'Costly Truths' will be hitting the shelves.

Set in Midlothian, Scotland, in 1603, 'Costly Truths' tells the story of Geillis Jamesoun, my ninth-great-grandmother. When her husband returns home from fighting with the Army of the Dutch Republic against Spain, Geillis' life begins to unravel and the deceptions that lie at its foundation are revealed.


I love this cover illustration, which really sets the scene. And I hope that very soon I shall be able to confirm the publication date. Exciting times!

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